TOEFL Speaking Strategies → US $125.00

This intensive speaking course includes a free online TOEFL consultation and four (4)"live" lessons and a speaking test (see chart above). No text is required. I supply the material. I teach this course using the free Zoom webinar app. Click on the button for more Zoom info.

All teaching and practicing is done "live" and "timed" just like on test day. There is no homework. I will analyze and rate each speaking task "live," and teach you the strategies you need to maximize scoring on test day.

At the end of the course, I will give you an estimated speaking section score and an estimated, unofficial TOEFL range score.

Scheduling is flexible. We will discuss scheduling in your free consultation.

Note: If you want more speaking practice, for example, if you want me to rate speaking practice audio files, see my Rating Services.

Recording Your Lessons

Each lesson will be recorded so you can review it later on. After your lesson, Bruce will send you the link at no extra cost.