TOEFL Instructor Training


The Power to Change Lives

As a TOEFL instructor, you have the power to change your students' lives. Their dreams are in your hands, literally. You can't say that about any other course, undergraduate or graduate, credit or non. That is why I love teaching TOEFL. I'm a dream maker. I change lives. Yet teaching TOEFL can be challenging. You must wear many hats, from English grammar expert and to being able to teach basic, college-level rhetoric. Moreover, you must be a TOEFL expert; you must know the testing process inside-out and be prepared to answer any questions your students might have and connect them to scoring, for as you know, scoring is what TOEFL is all about.


Suffice it to say, teaching TOEFL can be a nightmare, especially when you're just starting out. There are no "TOEFL Instructor Courses," no "TOEFL Certification Courses." Nothing. Yet TOEFL is arguably the most important course in any ESL program. For many ESL students enrolled in ESL programs, taking the TOEFL test is their goal. They need a TOEFL score to transition from non-credit, ESL courses into credit courses, courses that will put them on the career path. And you are their guide, their coach, their confidant, their dreammaker.


So how does one become a TOEFL instructor? More often than not, your course director gave you a 700-page TOEFL guide and said, "Good luck!" I know the feeling. That is how I started teaching TOEFL - by trial and error. Or perhaps you've decided to go it alone and teach TOEFL online, for the English test-prep market is huge, and only getting bigger. Yet you are still floundering. You bought all the guides and watched a lot of youtube videos but to no avail. TOEFL is just too big, too complicated. Wouldn't it be great if you had affordable, expert advice? 

That's where I come in. If you are a TOEFL instructor in need of training, or if you are an ESL program director who wants to give his/her staff TOEFL training, then we need to talk. I have the solutions you are looking for with flexible scheduling and innovative online classes designed to help you change lives.